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"How to Prompt"

                                                                                                             Live interactive webinar

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The ultimate goals that we choose for our clients is for our clients to perform those goals indepndently.  However, getting to independence takes planning and foresight


In this class you will learn how to choose the appropriate level of prompting and h ow to fade that prompt in a timely manner. (Background information)


Learning Objectives

     – How to choose a prompt

     – How to fade that prompt

     – How to reinforce appropriately

Course Information

Presenter: Dr. Joe Jones

Date: July 30, 2023

Time: 7:30 EST

Duration: 1 hour

1.0 CEU

About the instuctor

Dr. Joe Jones is a nationally recognized researcher and practitioner in the area of prompting.  He has published many studies on this subject. 


Dr. Jones currently resides in Columbus, Ohio and runs an agency called “Let’s Fade the Prompt!”.  

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